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Last February my family began a journey with food.  Our goal was to remove processed foods from our diet, along with any other foods not meeting some simple standards.  (You can read that post here.)  In the end we have cut out everything without an organic label, including items labeled “natural” and we purchase all of our produce from our local farmer’s market.  We feel great physically.  We feel great about our contribution to living healthier for the environment.

Recently an article was published by The Cornucopia Institute revealing how the makers of some of the most popular protein bars are using hexane in their processing of soy.  Hexane is a chemical made from crude oil.  It’s considered toxic and can lead to impaired fertility, central nervous system depression and prolonged exposure can lead to serious health damage.  The Occupational Safety and Healthy Administration’s report on hexane states in humans, “hexane is a narcotic agent, an irritant to the eyes, upper respiratory tract and skin; and a neurotoxin.”  Why do makers of protein bars use this chemical?  Hexane is a cheap method of separating the soybean oil from the protein.

Once again “cheap” prevails and chemicals seep into our food supply.  The most frustrating part of this is that these foods can be labeled “natural.”  When will our food companies stop this nonsense?  When will the government actually do it’s job of protecting people instead of protecting the almighty dollar?  I don’t have an answer, but I do have a solution…  I can make my food with wholesome ingredients in my kitchen.  Right now I think this might be one of the only solutions to the problem!  Make your voice heard, let your food purchases, or lack of,  be a vote in eliminating chemicals in food.

Here’s my version of a great little protein bar…  Peanut Butter Crunch Protein Bar


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imageOnce in a while you have the opportunity to read a book that dramatically changes your perspective by highlighting inconsistencies within your belief system.  I have always believed food is about starting with something basic and unprocessed and turning it into something you enjoy eating.  Maybe you enjoy it because of its flavor, texture or appearance.  Maybe you enjoy it because you have made it for someone special.  Or maybe you enjoy it because you know it’s healthier than anything you could have purchased at the store or a restaurant so it makes you feel good.  But somehow along the way I started to allow people (nutritionists, scientists, and government) to tell me what to eat.  That isn’t completely bad, other than sometimes what seems “healthy” isn’t healthy at all.  It’s purely processed food that is a long way from the original “something basic.” Read More→

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