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And the Winner Is….

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Jackie N. is the winner of the first iFit Gourmet Challenge!!  Jackie walked  her way through the holidays!  She will receive two CDs from our Featured Artist Kerri Crocker’s.  “Shine” and “Reason To Be” are both great uplifting CDs that I know Jackie will love!!


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Holiday Challenge Starts Today!!

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Your mission…  Walk 4x’s per week for 30 minutes.

Super simple but requires a commitment to yourself.  The holiday season can be so hectic, but this year you can take one small step towards taking care of yourself and Living in Balance.

Don’t forget to let us know you’re out walking, by leaving a comment or becoming a Facebook Fan so you can be entered to win a free CD from our featured artist, Kerri Crocker.

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So I’ve challenged you to commit to walking 4x’s per week for 30 minutes.  Do you have to run out and buy spandex and shoes for this challenge?  No!  All you need to do is wear whatever you’ve got on and some comfortable shoes, put the dog on a leash and head out the door.  You should think of this time as relaxation.  Truly this is what this challenge should look like… Read More→

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The holidays are approaching!  You can feel it in the air!  The weather is turning cooler, the leaves are changing, and I’m starting to feel the itch to… EAT!  In the last two weeks I’ve made more bread and desserts than I have in the last 6 months.  I’m serious!  But I’ve worked hard all summer long to stay in shape and I refuse to let my waistline start to expand now!  Are you with me?!?! Read More→

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