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Griffith Park Ride

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The only way I can describe this ride is quintessential LA!  Only in Los Angeles can you ride for 13 miles and get a ride through multi-million dollar homes, climb a mountain to Griffith Observatory, see amazing views of the Pacific and the Hollywood sign, and finish it up with some screaming down-hill technical descents along deserted “country roads” and, oh, did I mention the coyote? Read More→

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Battling Exercise Boredom

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bianchiI think one of the main issues with exercise is boredom.  There is so much excitement associated when you first make the commitment to exercise.  You are full of hope that this time will be different… You will get into peak shape or finally lose the weight you’ve been desperate to lose or you will be able to balance your stress.  Whatever personal reason drives you to exercise soon is lost in the mundane routine of exercise.   You get tired of the same equipment at the gym, the same work out video or the same neighborhood loop you always run.  What can you do to combat the boredom? Read More→

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Interval Training With Your Kids

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Wow has it been a while since I last blogged!! Time so easily gets away from us!

I for one, have been struggling with keeping a regular exercise program this summer, and time is flying. This doesn’t mean I haven’t been active, we’ve been to the beach, music in the park, downtown, jump roping in the back yard, swimming, swimming and more swimming. No, what I’m talking about is the put on your work out clothes and “officially” work out. I can manage it for a couple of days then my schedule is interrupted by something more fun. :^) Read More→

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