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Super Dad

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Sometimes I just find myself extra thankful for the man I married so long ago.

The family protector.

The trip planner and weather man.

The encourager.

Fearless Dad.



Yesterday as we were cross country skiing, the girls and their dad we’re ahead of me.  As I looked toward them I saw dad with one of the girls backpacks on.  The backpack in rainbow colors with a cupcake ID tag.  I have to admit I chuckled because not every man would be willing to wear that backpack.  But you see he did it for us.  We needed to bring water along on our adventure and of course the snack.  We both have great adventure backpacks but we had left them at home.  The only backpack available was this most colorful one in which we had brought the girls homeschool work.  As we started the day I wore the backpack, but eventually my neck really started hurting from the extra weight.  I made a passing comment about my neck hurting and the next thing I knew the backpack was transferred from my shoulders to his.

I am so thankful I am married to this wonderful man!  I am thankful the girls get to experience on a daily basis the love of their father and his protection.  I am thankful God gave me someone who is way more selfless than I am.  It makes me confess my short comings and want to be more like him and in the end be more like Jesus.

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